Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

All registrants are required to read and understand the rules & regulations (“Rules & Regulations”) before registering for the LPS Monas Half Marathon 2023. Please note that participants are they who received LPS Monas Half Marathon official confirmation email that confirms them as participants of LPS Monas Half Marathon 2023 by race registration, group registration or other programs from LPS Monas Half Marathon including those who received invitation and free slot from LPS Monas Half Marathon (“Participant”).


  1. By registering at LPS Monas Half Marathon 2023 (“The Race”), participant accepts fully and is required to abide by the Rules & Regulations.
  2. The distance of the race is 21,0975K (“Half Marathon”).
  3. Registration is open to Indonesian and foreign citizens.
  4. Indonesian and foreign participants can be winners in Overall Podiums which are divided into men and women categories. Indonesian Podiums are reserved for Indonesian citizens which are divided into men and women categories.
  5. Minimum age requirement to participate in the race is: 18 (eighteen) years old. Participants are required to meet the minimum age requirement on race day (28 May 2023)
  6. Participants who are under eighteen (18) years old on Race Day are required to submit a parental consent letter. A format of the letter can be downloaded HERE.
  7. Marshalling will be done throughout the race to ensure the rules and regulations are followed.
  8. The Organizers of the LPS Monas Half Marathon (“Race Organizers”) are not responsible for any risk and/or loss caused by the following, including but not limited to:
    a. Occurrence of risk and danger
    b. Late arrival to the race
    c. Force Majeure (as defined below).
  9. Race Organizers highly encouraged pregnant women to consult with their doctors before participating in the race. The Race Organizers are not responsible for complications or health problems and/or every risk derived from a participation in the race during pregnancy. The race organizers require pregnant women to report their pregnancy condition and submit a doctor’s approval note along with a special waiver form one (1) week before participating in the race at the latest. A sample of the waiver form can be downloaded HERE.
  10. Race registration is final and cannot be transferred. Participant who sell, transfer, handed his/her bib to another party can be a base for disqualification.
  11. Registration fee cannot be refunded. The Race Organizers reserves the right to refuse confirmed registration if false, fake and/or incomplete information found in the registration form.
  12. Race Organizers reserve the rights to cancel or reschedule the race in case of Force Majeure. If the race is cancelled and/or rescheduled because of Force Majeure, the Race Organizers are not obligated to return the registration fees paid to the participants and the Race Organizers are not responsible for any risk and loss that may occur as a result of the cancellation and/or rescheduling of the race. Please not that Force Majeure is a situation or condition of war (whether stated or not), violence, social unrest, strike, pandemic, accident, fire, flood, natural disaster, embargo, legal issues, or the action of the government of the Republic of Indonesia, and similar condition/situation that may occur and beyond the ability of the Race Organizer to prevent it.


  1. Participants must be able to complete the entire distance that must be traveled from the official start line to the official finish line, within the time required by the Race Organizer (Cut Off Time and Cut Off Points). Please note that the calculation of official time is the rights of the Race Organizer.
  2. Submission of registration through online registration using the official website of the LPS Monas Half Marathon is considered as an acknowledgment and acceptance of the Rules & Regulations.
  3. A payment confirmation e-mail along with a registration identity number will be sent after our system has successfully received and verified the Participant’s payment.
  4. The Race Organizer has the right to close registration before the deadline for registration and/or in the event that the Race quota has been fulfilled.
  5. Participants agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about Participants contained in the registration form. Participants are responsible for any information provided. The Race Organizer may contact Participants from time to time via email. Any notification sent by the Race Organizer to the email address registered with the Race Organizer will be deemed received by the Participant.
  6. The Bib Number is a special personal identification for the Participant and may not be exchanged and/or transferred.
  7. The sale and/or transfer of bibs is prohibited and any violation of this will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individual involved in future events.
  8. Race packages can be picked up at:
    Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July 2023, 10:00 – 20:00 WIB
  9. The location for race pack collection:
    Location : Sarinah 5th Floor, Cakrawala III & IV Room
    Address : Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.11, Kota Jakarta Pusat
  10. Bib number will be given after submission of confirmation of Race registration and identity card at race pack collection. Bib number must be clearly visible during the Race. The Race Organizer has the rights to withhold bib numbers and race packages under certain conditions such as violations of the Rules & Regulations, indications of counterfeiting and/or other similar conditions.
  11. Race packages cannot be sent and cannot be collected on Race Day.
  12. Bib numbers and race packages can only be collected by the participant or the representative of participant by providing an authorization letter to the representative, a photocopy of the participant’s ID Card, and print of the Race Pack Collection email containing the barcode. A sample of the letter of authorization can be downloaded HERE
  13. Participants may only be allowed to start with reference to the starting time according to the distance category and the maximum time limit for starting is 10 minutes after the gun start.
  14. Participants who behave in an unsportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to blocking, obstructing other Participants and/or along the running route will be automatically disqualified from the Race.
  15. NO animals of any kind on or without a leash are permitted on the course.
  16. Participants may not wear clothing or wear equipment that can cause harm, hurt or endanger themselves and/or other Participants. Participants may not run with their faces covered.
  17. Participants may not wear clothing or wear equipment that can cause harm, hurt or endanger themselves and/or other Participants. Participants may not run with their faces covered.
  18. Participants may not dress inappropriately for sporting events or dress inappropriately for other Participants or spectators to see.
  19. Participants may not wear anything for the purpose of political or religious statements or propaganda, as well as for any guerrilla campaign.
  20. Participants may not use any attributes that can cause other Participants to misrecognize as a signal and/or confuse other Participants and/or the Race Organizer, and/or use any device with a loud volume that can disturb other Participants.
  21. Participants may not perform actions that cause delays in the Race, such as dancing, performing, playing instruments, standing near the start or finish line, or in the streets along the running route.
  22. The Race Organizer is not responsible for various forms of fundraising by Participants in the LPS Monas Half Marathon event. This responsibility is attached to the relevant Participant.
  23. Participants may not prevent pedestrians from crossing or block the passage of emergency vehicles at certain points, when and where they are permitted to do so.
  24. The Race Time will be displayed on the start and finish lines. Participants must meet the Cut Off Time as follows: three (3) hours and thirty (30) minutes
  25. The Race Organizer applies Cut Off Points at several points along the course. Cut-off Points will be announced later via all communication channels of the Monas LPS  Half Marathon 2023.
  26. Participants who do not meet the Cut Off Time and Cut Off Points as well as Participants who are disqualified are declared as Participants who did not finish the Race and will not receive the finisher entitlements.
  27. Participants may not obstruct/interfere with the Race by disobeying the instructions of the Race officials.
  28. No unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards, baby joggers, wheelchairs, strollers (of any description) are permitted on the run course.
  29. The Race Organizer has the right to stop the Participant from continuing the Race if the Participant behaves inappropriately in the Race and the Participant is disqualified from the Race.
  30. Items that have the potential to hinder the running of the race or safety of other Participants or can cause danger or risk of harm to themselves or other Participants are prohibited.
  31. Road safety is controlled by the transportation authority and the police. Medical services are provided by the Race Organizer in collaboration with local hospitals and medical personnel. Medical personnel are permitted to stop Participants who they see are medically unable to continue the Race.
  32. Timekeeping will be done for this race. All Participants will be issued a bib number with a timing chip to wear during the Race. Timing points will be placed at the start/finish line, and at the specified locations along the course to ensure all Participants follow the official run course. Participants who fail to follow the official running course will be disqualified from the Race.
  33. The Participant who wins the Race (“Winner”) must wear the timing chip and the associated bib number. Winners must provide proof of identification to claim the prize.
  34. Winners who are unable to provide valid proof of identification may be disqualified and not awarded the prize.
  35. Participants expressly and exclusively grant the Race Organizer and their assignees, an irrevocable right to use names, likes, biographies, factual or otherwise in connection with the production, distribution and publication of images, photographs and other intellectual property rights related to the running event , worldwide, on any and all devices, media or publications.
  36. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights (if any) of pictures, photographs, articles, timestamps, and location information, covering the event, and their usage rights for broadcast TV, newspapers, magazines, internet, and other media or publications constitute belonging to the Race Organizer. Such use also includes names and other personal information such as age and address (country, province and city) of Participants.
  37. From time to time, the Race Organizer may change the Rules & Conditions according to our sole discretion without prior notification, so please review the Rules & Conditions every time you access or use the official website of the LPS Monas Half Marathon.
  38. Other matters that have not been listed in these Rules & Conditions are to be determined later by the Race Organizer.


  1. Winners who are Indonesian Citizens are entitled to prize money for Overall Podiums or Indonesian Podiums (whichever amount is higher). The winner can only take one prize from one of the podiums he/she won (without double dipping).
  2. Winners who are Foreign Citizens are only entitled to prize money for Overall Podiums.
  3. Winners who are Indonesian citizens over 40 (forty) years old on Race Day, have the opportunity to win Overall Podiums, Indonesian Podiums or Marathon Indonesian Masters (whichever amount is higher). The winner can only take one prize from one of the podiums he won (without double dipping).
  4. Please note that prize money is subject to tax in accordance with applicable regulations and the prize tax is borne by the winner of the competition.
  5. The prize collection process is carried out within 20 working days from Race Day. The Winner must ensure the accuracy of the bank account, address and swift code (for Foreign Citizen Winners) required by the Race Organizer. Providing accurate information is the responsibility of the Winner.


  1. The organizers will provide a bag deposit facility at the start area and a bag
    collection at finish.
  2. Participants who would like to deposit a bag must collect an official bag deposit
    sack at the bag deposit booth during the race pack collection.
  3. The organizers will not accept any other form of bags other than the official LPS
    Monas Half Marathon bag deposit sack.
  4. Participants are required to adhere the the bag deposit sack sticker before
    handing it over to the bag deposit officials
  5. Participants are not allowed to deposit the following items in the bag deposit
    a. Any form of liquid
    b. Firearms/sharp object
    c. Large bag/suitcase
    d. High value items (mobile device, electronics, jewelry/accessories, or
    vehicle keys)
  6. Bag deposit tent at start area is open from 03:00 WIB until 04:30 WIB on Sunday,
    2 July 2023
  7. Bag collection at finish area will close at 10:00 WIB
  8. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage that may occur to items
  9. The organizers reserve the right to refuse bag deposit sack that does not fit the
    criteria stated above.


  1. Break the Limit program is initiated ny LPS Monas Half Marathon to provide
    added challenge for runners both national elites and non-elites with incentives in
    the form of bonus prize and eligibility to win additional prizes.
  2. Break the Limit program is open to Indonesian citizens only.
  3. National elite participants will earn a bonus prize of Rp.50.000.000,- (Fifty million Rupiah) if they can run under the following time limits:
    a. Elite Men: < 01:10:00 (under one hour and ten minutes)
    b. Elite Women: < 01:17:00 (under one hour and seventeen minutes)
  4. Additional bonus prize of Rp.50.000.000,- will only be give to one (1) fastest male and fastest female participant that can run under the mentioned limit on point 12 above. This added bonus prize is subject to taxation according to applicable tax regulations and will be borne by winners.
  5. Recorded time used to determine the Break the Limit national elite bonus is GunTime.
  6. National non-elite participants will receive the opportunity to win additional doorprize of running package in one of the 2024 World Marathon Majors race or running package in 2023 Borobudur Marathon if they can run under the following time limits:
    a. Non-elite national men: < 01:50:00 (under one hour and fifty minutes)
    b. Non-elite national women: < 02:30:00 (under two hours and thirty minutes)
  7. Recorded time used to determine the Break the Limit non-elite national bonus is Net Time.
  8. for the non-elite national program, there are ten (10) 2024 World Marathon Majors Running packages and twenty (20) 2023 Borobudur Marathon running packages available to win. The decision of the organizers regarding the winners of this program is absolute. Running programs include return air tickets, running slots and hotels. The World Marathon Major destination will be informed at a later stage.
  9. The winners of Break the Limit non-elite national will be announced D+1 or Monday, 3 July 2023 through the website


The Rules & Regulations are made in Indonesian and English. In the event of any discrepancies between the Indonesian language version and the English version, the Indonesian language version shall prevail.